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Night Care

Overnight care support is when a carer stays in your home overnight to assist with any needs you may have during the night. This can range from something as simple as asking for a glass of water and help to the bathroom, to consistent care due to insomnia, anxiety or a medical illness.

Depending on your needs, we offer two different types of night carers – sleeping night carers and waking night carers.

Sleeping Night Care
A sleeping carer will sleep in your home to ensure safety and security. Ongoing support may not be required throughout the night, but your carer will be on hand to alleviate any anxieties you may have if you feel uncomfortable when left alone throughout the night.

Live-in carers often provide this service as they will already be living with you in your home, and will always be on hand to assist with care during the night. When a
Live-in carer is called upon during the night, it is called sleeping care. Sleeping care can be offered up to twice a night on an occasional basis.

If you need assistance more than twice a night for a period of nights, your Live-in carer may need to call for a waking night carer. Your Live-in carer will need a certain amount of downtime or rest to continue supporting you throughout the day.

Waking Night Care
If you wake several times in the night and need support then a waking night carer is the perfect carer for you. They will be on duty throughout the night to offer assistance.

Your Live-in carer will need time to rest, so your waking night carer will be separate to your Live-in carer. They will be able to provide support to those who need regular help changing position whilst in bed, having medication throughout the night or for those who wake up confused and need reassurance

If you think you will need a waking night carer rather than a Live-in carer, please let us know during your care assessment so we can ensure all your needs are met and you are matched with a suitable carer.

What are the benefits?
The benefits of waking night care are:
You will receive 24/7 care from carers you know and trust.

  • When not assisting, a night carer can contribute to daily tasks around the home such as cleaning (quietly) and tidying up.
  • Your day carer can get some respite, meaning they will be well-rested to continue supporting you during the day.
  • Your family will have peace of mind that you are receiving the same level of care at night when your day carer is resting.
  • A waking night carer will be able to organise and administer medication throughout the night.
  • There are multiple options on how many hours they will oversee and what kind of care they will give.

If you think you will need either or both of these services, please Contact us to discuss your needs further