Three Little Angels

About Us

Private Client Care Packages

We offer a variety of care packages, including complex and specialist care, for the elderly and vulnerable at home: visiting care, overnight care and live-in care are all available for our clients.

Carers can provide a variety of services including personal care and hygiene, domestic help, medication prompting or assistance, companionship, mobility assistance and more specialised care for specific conditions.

We pride ourselves on matching carers with clients based on location, care needs and client preferences. All clients will have a tailored care package and our carers are happy to provide short term cover for a carer break, respite care during a period of convalescence or long-term ongoing care.

Our teams provide continuity, ensuring carers and clients build a relationship that is key to the maintenance of their health and wellbeing.

Each client, their family and their carers are part of their own “CareHub” to ensure all parties are aware of that client’s needs and requirements.

We strive for community engagement and to ensure all our clients lead as full a life as they possibly can and continue to participate in activities they enjoy. Our carers promote independence and reablement where possible, supporting their clients to lead a fulfilled life at home

Agency Care Cover
If one of your carers has left, they’re on holiday or off sick, and you’re struggling to provide care, we can help.

All carers are fully trained, have an up to date DBS, and are checked and verified by CareMatch – full details will be shared if required.
We aim to ensure you can cover your shift with no stress to you, your team and your clients. Our carers are committed professionals who are happy to work on their own or as part of a team to deliver a quality service.

Care Partnerships With Local Authorities
After running several successful pilot schemes, we are now working in partnership with a number of Local Authorities, and this is rapidly increasing.

We consistently deliver a service within current standard costing guidelines and have improved personalisation and a bespoke service for each client.

We operate “Care Hubs” to engage with the client, their family and the local authority, so all who have agreed access are able to monitor care provisions.

Carers also have an App to schedule their own calls, electronically monitor delivery and track care planning for every client.

We have found local authorities are keen to engage with us and generate hyperlocal communities in the area to grow the service as an alternative to other social care delivery solutions.

We have even had one Authority declare they see the way CareMatch delivers care “as the future of care today” and we are proud that we are continuing to increase our partnerships and engagement with Local Authorities

Home Carers
Our Three Little Angels Carer Members offer both visiting care and live-in care, providing services to vulnerable individuals in their own home.

Visiting carers work in small local teams to deliver a service to their clients. The service relies on cooperative collaborative working within teams – there are no managers and there is no office.

You also have the flexibility to cover shifts with agencies or a Care Home near you. We work closely with local authorities to start small teams of carers working in specific areas.

Live-in carers work in small teams to deliver 24 hour care to their clients, organising their own timings into and out of post.

All carers are given an App to manage their schedule, track care plans, complete notes and monitor their delivery, and you will have the support of a helpline and operations team to get any help or advice you might need.

Carers are paid at the point of delivery, so once you complete a call (“clock out”) or a week of live-in care, your account will get credited.

All carers are fully-vetted and must have an up to date DBS, two references and verification of training.

For the best paid care work at the touch of a button, Three Little Angels is the answer. To find out more, contact us today