Requiring care for ongoing and specialist needs can be life-changing for the person in need of care and their families. We have trained carers who specialise in providing ongoing and specialist care, including palliative care, dementia care, and neurological care. What is Specialist Home Care? The specialist home care service delivered by Three Little Angels carer members provides a comprehensive and compassionate home care experience, enabling you to live a happier and healthier life in your own home. Our carers can help you to continue living the life you are familiar with, through ongoing homecare assistance. We have care experience with all medical and health conditions, ranging from mild to complex conditions, including: • Alzheimer's, • Autism and LD • Cancer • Dementia o Lewy Body Disease o Vascular Dementia o Frontotemporal Dementia o Mixed Dementia • Disability • Mobility • Neurological o Huntington's Disease o Motor Neurone Disease o Multiple Sclerosis o Parkinson's disease o Stroke • Palliative Care • Support for younger people • Bariatric care • Brain Injury Benefits of ongoing home care • Stay in your own home. • Dedicated one-to-one care • Maintain your independence. • Often cheaper than a care home. • Support with all personal care, including washing, dressing and eating. • Proactive encouragement and support to continue living an enriched life. • Complete emotional support and peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. • More confidence to do the things you love. Please see our Funding Your Care page for information about acquiring state funded care or Private Clients to see the packages we can provide. If you require home care assistance, contact us today to book your care assessment

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